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Cycle of Cultivating Self - Love

Cycle of Cultivating Self- Love

We must have all heard about self - love, the concept of loving yourself. From celebrities to motivational gurus everyone has been spreading this concept. Sure we know what self - love is but the bigger question is this. How do we cultivate self - love?

Cultivation of Self - Love is a process, one that starts with Self -Exploration and passes through the stages of Personal Care, Self -Recognition and Self - Assurance.

  1. Self - Exploration - It begins by asking introspective questions. Where am I and Where do I to be?. Asking these questions will lead to you getting a better understanding of self and what your aspirations are. It is a process that is authentic to every individual. Self- Exploration is the first step towards cultivating self - love

  2. Personal Care - Personal Care begins with taking care of yourself. An important part of self-love is to be non - judgmental and critical when you are dealing with yourself. Personal care involves doing the things that you interests you and you are passionate about.

  3. Self- Recognition - It is the practice of accepting who you are as a person. Accepting the good and the bad. Being mindful of your strengths and weakness. Self - recognition is the acceptance that while you may have strengths that empower you, you may also have weaknesses that you might need to work on.

  4. Self - Assurance - This is the final step, after going through all the phases you arrive at this phase where you are aware of your own self - worth and power. You are true and authentic to your values and you are also mindful of your negative attributes. You do not feel negative emotions about any of your attributes but are objective and self -assured.

These are the four stages of cultivating self - love, so the next time you ask yourself "How do I start loving myself?" go through these four steps to grow self - love within yourself.

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