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What Clients Say

Honestly at first I didn't think I needed the psychotherapy but since the first meeting, my family and loved one saw the difference in me. Preeti Ma'am is a very lovely person with a soothing voice. I could tell her everything without any hesitation, she made it that easy for me to open up. Preeti Ma'am really helped me when I had given up on myself. I would literally wait for her sessions to feel the calm. Ma'am made me imagine a few things, made me do some breathing therapies which actually helped me to control my anger issues. The best part is that I have become a very positive person now. My parents were so worried about my behaviour earlier but all thanks to Preeti Ma'am, my parents are loving me now! I couldn't believe the change in only a few sessions. Even if my sessions are over, Ma'am still takes an effort to ask about my whereabouts. She's truly an angel for me.

Thank you so much Ma'am!

- Vasunda Bhattacharya

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