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Therapy In A Box is a self-help mental health toolkit designed to make therapy accessible to everyone from the comfort of their homes. Its sole aim is to destigmatise seeking help and at the same time empower individuals with the necessary tools and  coping mechanisms.
Physical scars are treatable as they get the required attention at the right time but the same cannot be said for mental scars. 
" Therapy In A Box" is a copyrighted product of Thinnk Therapy and is not meant to substitute therapy but to make one familiar with the concept of seeking help and for the times when one cannot attend therapy. 

I bloom come rain or shine: Therapy Box for Developing Self-Esteem

  • This “Therapy In A Box” is curated to develop an individual’s self- esteem. Self- worth, creating healthy and positive relationships and being able to make decisions without self-doubt are all the benefits of having a healthy Self- Esteem.

    This Box is equipped with

    1. Therapy Manual
    2. I bloom come rain or shine: A Workbook on developing Self- Esteem
    3. Self –Esteem Affirmations
    4. Gratitude Journal Prompts
    5. Things In My Control
    6. Grow through what you go through: Self-care activities
    7. Self- Exploration Activities
    8. Art Therapy: Floral
    9. My Reflection: Meditation Script
    10. Rainbow Meditation: Breathing Exercise
    11. Jasmine: Balm for Self- Esteem
    12. Mood Scale
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